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Hello everyone,

Well, for over two years I have had this idea to somehow create an electronic version of the Companion Bible (or at least the side notes).  By its nature, the Companion Bible cries out for interlinked html files.

At first I considered cutting up an entire Companion Bible in order to scan it into my computer and do so-called ‘character recognition’ on it.  But my preliminary ‘character recognition’ results demonstrated that it would require just about as much editing time to produce quality results as it would to just type them in.

When I calculated the amount of time it would take me to accomplish such a task, it actually made me lose interest in the whole project (50 years if I work 1 hour per week).

It then occurred to me that there are probably many people who would be willing to help.  Also, quite conveniently, I was about to take a course in webpage development.  For my final project in the course, I wrote a website that allows multiple users to assist in this project.  This website now exists at

My purpose for writing this is to recruit interested parties to help in the ‘electronifying’ (for now) the side notes of the Companion Bible.  If we could get 50 people to set aside one hour per week, the entire Companion Bible could be made into an electronic version in a year.  Of course, this electronic version will be free to everyone.

What is in it for you:

  • To know that you were a part of a meaningful project.

  •  Learn about the Bible as you type.

  • Credits in the final product, if you wish.

  • An electronic, interlinked version of the Companion Bible!!

So if you are interested, go check out the site. You can see the proposal and what part you can play in the project.  Check out the ‘Main page’ as well as the ‘Side notes’ page.  If you are interested in becoming a member, there is a link on the Main page, near the top, called ‘Become a member’.

Remember, the more people that help out, the faster we will have an electronic version of the Companion Bible!!

If you have any questions, comments, or anything else, please feel free to email me at [email protected] .

Thank you,


Please Note:  Neither Erik nor The Companion Bible Electronification Operation are affliated with  If you would like to help out or contact the administrator of this project, please use the links provided above. 


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